Zebra DevTalk | Zebra's RFID Android APIs With Kutir | April 2021

Inventarium Scaneamus! Learn the magic code to turn your mobile app into an out-of-this-world asset and inventory counting wand with Zebra's RFID Android APIs. RFID-enable your Android app in this step-by-step and spell-by-spell walkthrough session.

Presenter: Javier Molina, Senior Architect, KutirMobility


Lock Screen Orientation to 'portrait-primary' on mobile website

i'm using the Zebra tc21 to run a mobile progressive web app and i have an issue locking the screen orientation.
Even when the screen rotation is disabled on the Android's options the screen is going from portrait to reversed protrait when the device is placer upside down.
This phenomenom only occure on the Zebra tc21, when i'm trying te reproduce it on an other android device the screen stay steel.

Do anyone ever had this kind of problem ?

Progressive Web App (PWA) print name badge support

We are building a progressive web app where all features are integrated using html/javascript. Our primary users will be on android and iOS mobile devices.

The print command would need to be called via a PHP/linux command or called via javascript.

Connecting to the zebra printer will need to be wireless and "ideally" support connections from multiple devices. Cost of printers is a concern.