Link-OS SDK for Android | Permissions and Bluetooth API

Nowadays, most of our Zebra printers are equipped with Bluetooth (BT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or both (BT + BLE). There is a Bluetooth User Guide for Zebra printers, which covers how the Bluetooth technologies (both BT & BLE) are used in Zebra printer production lines, the security mode, pairing and configuration, etc.

Dynamic Field Data (^FN1) not recognized in PrintStation mode

I ve been using Zebra ZD620 as a standalone TOOLS->Print Station until yesterday when suddenly the printer stopped recognizing ^FN1 field in my E:LABEL.ZPL template.
Template is very simple and has 1 ^FN1 only to be filled by an external USB Host attached Scanner.
It has been working well and printer has been able to inject scanned code into template and have it printed out up until yesterday.
I am stuck, please help. I ve tried with other simple templates but none of ^FN is recognized by ""

PC .NET c# change from isPaused/isPaperOut to isReadyToPrint

We're using a Zebra ZD410-300dpi ZPL in an embedded application that will load labels separately as needed. I need to restore operations to our printer programmatically. When a particular error occurs, I run this (sequenced from several separate methods in my code);

Connecting to ZQ110 Printer from React Native App using Bluetooth

Dear everyone,

We have been trying to develop a React Native application capable of printing with Zebra devices.
Printer: ZQ110
S/N: XXZN19-18-0002
Firmware version: ZQ110_V1.04 STD 062917 (upgraded from 1.0)
Self test image file attached for additional information

Libraries Tested:

Missing label when print directly from application form often)

I'm developer. I develop an application windows service to print label from my template(pdf file) through printer name method(TCP/IP).
I am using Zebra Zt410 printer with version V75.20.14z.
I will set given quantity then printer automatic print with exactly quantity but sometime, we miss one or more label.
I check log in queue printer spooler. It still match quantity with given quantity but Zebra printer still miss label.
I don't know why missing label in printer and please let me know how to prevent it happen again!

Thank you so much.