Missing label when print directly from application form often)

I'm developer. I develop an application windows service to print label from my template(pdf file) through printer name method(TCP/IP).
I am using Zebra Zt410 printer with version V75.20.14z.
I will set given quantity then printer automatic print with exactly quantity but sometime, we miss one or more label.
I check log in queue printer spooler. It still match quantity with given quantity but Zebra printer still miss label.
I don't know why missing label in printer and please let me know how to prevent it happen again!

Thank you so much.

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Zebra ZD420 ZPL -> ZBI webservice

Hello All,

We are working on Zebra ZD420. I have a task to call a web-service and capturing the output in ZBI.
According to Zebra Dev Talk ( 15:18) it is possible through triggering web alert.

I found no information how to implement that especially capturing the response.

thanks in advance

Is it possible to use USB HOST port in ZBI program

I developed a ZBI program to print labels that depend on information retrieved via TCP port.
In case of network issue, I need to be able to connect a barcode scanner to the Usb Host port and retrieve the data to replace the normal TCP data.
But I can't find the correct port... I try USB_HOST which is used on SGD printer command but it doesn't work.
If you have any ideas???
Thanks in advance for your help !

ZT410 Printer Width Problem

I have an existing application that is trying to print labels to a new ZT410 (203 dpi, firmware V75.20.14Z) printer but the images are being drawn too large and don't fit inside the label. In the application we have a calibrate button that sends the following to the printer:

Printer HTTP Endpoint for printer status

Hi, I'm implementing a program in Go that is meant to interface with a Zebra print (GX420t). We're currently using an http endpoint to send data to the printer to be printed (http://<printer ip>/printer/pstprnt). I'm wondering if there also exists an endpoint where I can query the status of the printer, and get information like:
- number of jobs in the queue
- if the printer is out of paper
- if the printer is out of ink
- or just generally if its available and not in a bad state.