Is it possible to use USB HOST port in ZBI program

I developed a ZBI program to print labels that depend on information retrieved via TCP port.
In case of network issue, I need to be able to connect a barcode scanner to the Usb Host port and retrieve the data to replace the normal TCP data.
But I can't find the correct port... I try USB_HOST which is used on SGD printer command but it doesn't work.
If you have any ideas???
Thanks in advance for your help !

ZT410 Printer Width Problem

I have an existing application that is trying to print labels to a new ZT410 (203 dpi, firmware V75.20.14Z) printer but the images are being drawn too large and don't fit inside the label. In the application we have a calibrate button that sends the following to the printer:

Printer HTTP Endpoint for printer status

Hi, I'm implementing a program in Go that is meant to interface with a Zebra print (GX420t). We're currently using an http endpoint to send data to the printer to be printed (http://<printer ip>/printer/pstprnt). I'm wondering if there also exists an endpoint where I can query the status of the printer, and get information like:
- number of jobs in the queue
- if the printer is out of paper
- if the printer is out of ink
- or just generally if its available and not in a bad state.


DEVTALK - The New Xamarin SDK and Adding Printer Security Wednesday, Jan. 16th @10:00 am CDT

The Link-OS team has made a number of updates to the .NET SDK.  It now supports Xamarin, .NET Core, and .NET Framework.  This webinar will review how to use this updated library to code once and adds printing functionality to multiple frameworks.  We'll walk through some of the new capabilities for this library with Xamarin.