Make RFD8500 scanner trigger start the barcode scanner on TC520K touch computer/phone with Zebra Android Java SDK.

When I press the trigger on the RFD8500 scanner, I want it to start the barcode scanner on the TC520K. The reason is that we will scan both the RFID tag and the barcode, at the same time, so we don't have to first press the RFID8500 trigger and then press the TC520K barcode scan button separately.

how to increase the length of the read user memory bank

Hi everyone,
In the project, I use FX9600 and Fx7500 devices. I use:
Zebra-FXSeries-Embedded-SDK-Java-Windows_V1.0.0 and API3 libraries.
In my code to read the user's memory bank, I use the following method: .getTag (). GetMemoryBankData (). Currently, the maximum length I can read is 128 bits. How could I increase this value to memory bank tags that have 512 bits or more?
Thanks for any tips :)

DevBites | Nibbles of Tech Tips | Cloud Connect for RFID Series

Interest in the Cloud Connect for RFID Data Services product has been high since we launched a few weeks ago.  More information about the Cloud Connect for RFID services can be found on the Developer Portal here: https://developer.zebra.com/apis/cloud-connect-rfid 

Encoding of UHFRFID When Printing

I see that the page link to RFID ENCODING GUIDES is not working.
I need to develop an app that can print a serial number and encode the EPC section in a Gen2 Tag at the same time.
Is there any sample code for this? I am using a Zebra ZD500R

Specifying the number of tags/attempts for STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE in RFID3 SDK

STOP_TRIGGER_TYPE: has a number of useful types which make use of a timeout *and* a number of tags/attempts:


But — how do I specify the number of tags/attempts? Class StopTrigger has setDurationMilliSeconds, but doesn't seem to have a way to set the number of tags/attempts.


SendandWaitforResponse doesn't work with TcpConnection

We got everything working over USB, but it is extremely slow (5 seconds per label). We were told that using TCP connection would be faster. So we tried that but can’t even get a response back now. Our ZPL contains ^RFR command to get TID and EPC value. All three print the ZPL, but only the USB connections returns the TID and EPC values. The USB connection works with InitTime = 2000, and MaxTime = 3000. Anything less and I get erratic results. I get no results back for either TCP connection even with InitTime = 5000 and MaxTime = 10000.

Submitting a new iOS application to App Store using the RFD8500 SDK


I'm on the process of submitting a new application to the Apple Store that uses the RFD8500 SDK. Apple has rejected the application because:

/////////////////Message from Apple /////////////////
MFi - Program Authorization

We are unable to post your app to the App Store at this time because your app has not been authorized by the accessory manufacturer to work with the MFi accessory.