Xamarin.Forms application for Zebra Devices

Hi Team,

I'm new to Xamarin.Forms and Zebra, so need some basic information before kicking off development. We want to create a cross platform app for our customers with scanning functionality. We are planning to use ZXing or Scandit to support scanning features.

Some of our customers are using Zebra devices, so we need to enable support of Zebra devices in Xamarin.Forms application.

We need to support below Zebra devices:
1. Zebra TC52
2. Zebra TC72
3. Zebra MC9300
4. Zebra EC30
5. Zebra WT6000

Xamarin iOS support for Li-3678 scanner

We are trying to develop an application using Xamarin that would utilize Li-3678 and corresponding SDK. While there is no issue doing this for Android, it seems to be more cumbersome while working with iOS. Requiring linking native library to Xamarin. Is there Xamarin.iOS version of the library, or any other better ways to deal with this?

Zebra.Printer.SDK ThreadPool Issue

I am encountering a strange issue when consuming Zebra .NET SDK.
The issue is occurring when we are trying to discover thermal printers in the local network. Particularly invoking this line of code:
`NetworkDiscoverer.SubnetSearch(DiscoveryHandler discoveryHandler, string subnetRange);`

The threads in the Zebra .NET SDK are implemented with old .NET
classes(ThreadPool) which probably are incompatible with the current
version or Xamarin.Forms and/or netstandard framework version.

What options do we have for supporting TC70x series within a Xamarin Forms Cross-platform app targeting both Android AND iOS?

We're looking into supporting scanning devices made by Zebra, to scan barcodes. Most of our users are using TC70 Android device. But I have seen Windows device as well, and thought maybe one day someone might use an iOS device and plug in the zebra scanner to it somehow? Is it totally nonsense to try and support iOS at all? Or is there an actual option for this?

ANY help on this would be awesome!

Xamarin SDK for scanning RFID tags and bar codes

Is it possible to use the Zebra_RFIDAPI3_XAMARIN_SDK_2.0.1.16 to scan both bar codes and RFID tags. I was expecting that switching to the laser bar code reader on an ZEBRA 8500 would trigger the same read events as the RFID mode.

I see in the demo there is this configuration
// set trigger mode as rfid, pass second parameter as true so scanner will be disabled
rfidReader.Config.SetTriggerMode(ENUM_TRIGGER_MODE.RfidMode, true);

I've tried changing the trigger mode, but still don't get read events generated when an optical bar code is scanned.