Xamarin Link-os iOS, Doesn't work without data connectivity. ZQ510


I have been working on an app using Xamarin with Link-os plugin and ZQ510 printer. The idea of ​​the app is that it can work in remote places where there is no internet connectivity.

The debug printing process always works. The iPhone can print without any problem with the Wi-Fi off and the data access off.

When the iPhone is disconnected from the PC and has some kind of data access, it is capable of printing. You can even remove the SIM card and connect it to a Wi-Fi without internet access and it will be able to print.

Saving connection details to use for auto connection


Im working on the Link OS SDK (previous generation) and can successfully connect via USB > select printer > print demo ZPL using the demo application.
the printer.Address = "/dev/bus/usb/001/002".

the model im using is the ZD420 with USB interface only.

Given the address, how can I create a Connection object using connection builder?

So that i can simply print the data after the first printer selection.

Xamarin.Forms with Zebra.Printer.SDK, printing an image in a RW 420 printer


We have a product that capture signature for invoices in Android and iOS, the printing work fin in several Zebra printer but we have a new customer that use the Zebra RW 420 (we now that is discontinue) , the receipt print just fine except for the images, the signature and logo is just a white space on paper. We try to send the image directly to the printer instead of saving it on memory but no luck. We want to know if is possible to print an image in this printer model from Xamarin.Forms.

Thanks for you help.

Function Key Capture - Xamarin

Hi there, am new to Xamarin and need some advice.

We have migrated from a VS2008 application on a window CE 6.0 RF device (Motorola) to VS2017 & Xamarin on a Zebra MC9300. The android apk is installed and is running fine but we now need to use the function keys, i.e. F1, F2, etc.This is not coded.

Does anyone have any sample code on how to do this? Do I need EMDK? In the older application we used the form's key down event to capture. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for you time.'

Slow bluetooth connection on ConnectionBuilder.Build

Hi, I am using Xamarin to create mobile app to print something on a Zebra Mobile Printer ZQ320. In my source code, I did use "ConnectionBuilder.Current.Build ("MAC Address")" to establish the connection among my mobile and the printer. However, I noticed that the single line of code took almost 10 seconds to be completed. Is that a normal time taken to connect the printer? Is there any method to make it faster? Thank you.

What options do we have for supporting TC70x series within a Xamarin Forms Cross-platform app targeting both Android AND iOS?

We're looking into supporting scanning devices made by Zebra, to scan barcodes. Most of our users are using TC70 Android device. But I have seen Windows device as well, and thought maybe one day someone might use an iOS device and plug in the zebra scanner to it somehow? Is it totally nonsense to try and support iOS at all? Or is there an actual option for this?

ANY help on this would be awesome!