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Zebra IPL (Intermec) Virtual Device - No Reply?

Hello All, the software I manage for my company is designed primarily around Honeywell/Intermec printers and makes use of IPL for label data as well as manage flow control over the network (port 9000). We're interested in testing the Zebra IPL compatibility layer with Virtual Device, however are running into a small (but show stopper) issue. When we connect to the Zebra printer over port 9000, we're able to send IPL commands and the printer seems to accept them, however it will never send any reply back over the network.

IONIC Printer development

Good Morning,

I'm currently trying to develop an IONIC Mobile App that prints labels in the Zebra ZD420, Does someone have any project related to this or any guide? Because I'm really struggling trying to find some info about this.

The other option is to make a Spring API that print in the same printer and then call it by the IONIC App, does someona also have any API created in Spring Boot or something similar??

Thanks in advance.


Right label printer choice for Android developer

Dear Zebra developers,
I'm new to Zebra devices however, for my customer I'll building warehouse infrastructure that consists of label printers that are managed from custom android application. Right now I have to choose right printer for my needs. Base on what I see ZD420t, ZD500 and ZD500r seems to have sufficient parameters.

DEVTALK l ZebraDesigner v3 for Developers - A Comprehensive Label Design Tool l Nov. 20, 2019

This session includes an introduction and demonstration of the ZebraDesigner v3 label design tool, its general features, the Pro edition, the developer edition, and Windows drivers. Preview some of these new features we'll talk about in this blog. 

[Android] Increasing Label Darkness with ZD420: can't find ZebraPrinterLinkOs


I'm trying to increase the sharpness & darkness of shipping labels printed with my ZD420 printer via an Android app.

I found sample code for this in the docs here (http://techdocs.zebra.com/link-os/2-14/android/) but when I try it, my code crashes when I call ZebraPrinterFactory.getLinkOsPrinter(connection). The error I get is:

"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lcom/fasterxml/jackson/databind/ObjectMapper;"