Test Your Zebra Scanning Application on an Emulator

One very common request I see from our developers is the ability to develop applications for Zebra mobile computers using an Emulator.  No emulator images are available for any of our devices but instead developers are advised to code against real hardware - Zebra does have programs for our partners where demo units are available but emulator support remains a common request.


Kotlin and developing Kotlin applications for Zebra devices

It is not news for Android developers that following Google’s announcement of Kotlin support during Google I/O 2017, Google have embraced Kotlin as the preferred development language for Android, even to the extent that the “Build your first app” tutorial on the Android developer site will default to showing Kotlin code.


What’s New for Android Oreo and the impact on Zebra developers

This document details the developer impact of moving to Zebra devices running Android 8.x Oreo (API levels 26 & 27), and is follow-up to my previous posts about preparing for Android Marshmallow (API level 23) and preparing for Android Nougat (API levels 24 & 25).

How To Whitelist Your iOS Apps for Zebra Printers

Recently, we received a lot of feedback from developers about their app rejections from Apple App Store Review Team for apps using Bluetooth to connect with Zebra printers. In this blog, I'll address Apple's MFi whitelisting, the process and a way to avoid the unnecessary rejection/resubmission cycle.

Zebra DevTalk | What's New for Zebra Developers in Android Oreo | Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2019

Learn about the new Google features introduced in Android Oreo and how they affect Zebra developers targeting our mobile Android devices.


In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The newly introduced background application limits in Oreo
  • Changes to how notifications work
  • The newly introduced Play Store policies
  • Many other features


Discover how these changes might impact your existing and future enterprise applications.

Using Dialogflow with Zebra Mobile Devices

Note: The sample application provided in this post depends on V1 of the DialogFlow SDK which has been marked as deprecated by Google, from May 31st 2020.  The principles of Dialogflow remain the same but the sample app will not work after that date, see the sample app's readme for more information

Dialogflow, from Google, provides the ability to “build natural and rich conversational experiences” into your website or application, conceptually converting a user’s voice request into something you can action on your backend.

DevBites | Nibbles of Tech Tips for Developers | The EMDK Series August 2018

We are excited to launch our new DevBites YouTube series: Nibbles of Tech Tips.  This month we are covering topics related to our EMDK or Enterprise Mobility Development Kit. You can find sample projects referenced in these videos on GitHub.



Zebra DevBites: EMDK – Including EMDK Inside Your Projects

What’s New for Android ‘N’ and the Impact on Zebra Developers

This blog details the developer impact of moving to Zebra devices running Android Nougat (API level 24 & 25). It is the follow-up to my previous blog about preparing for Android Marshmallow (API level 23).  If you are moving from Lollipop directly to Nougat, I recommend you read the blogs in sequence since all of the information related to Marshmallow (e.g.