Moving from the EMDK Data Capture Profile to Datawedge

The EMDK Data Capture profiles enable a user to configure barcode scanning and card reading within their application.



Data Capture profiles have been removed from the latest versions of EMDK, the links in this article have been updated to reflect versions of the EMDK which included this feature.

Become A Zebra Printing Android Developer in Five Easy Steps

This page attracts people from all experience levels. Some people are seasoned experts printing from apps. For others, this is what they seek when they’re looking for help when interacting with a Zebra printer for the first time. If this is the case, then these resources are for you! Start to finish, these steps will help you go from label novice to a printing pro:


The Android Setup Wizard and How to Bypass It

Updated March 2020

This is the ninth in a series of blog posts looking at the considerations around adopting an Android Google Mobile Services (GMS) deployment in the enterprise.  Each post features a summary along with recommendations. For other posts in this series please see the links below:

Printing Labels Through the WeChat Mini-Program

WeChat has become a pervasive social media platform in China in recent years. It has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Today, WeChat is not only a social media platform, but also quickly becoming an e-commerce and payment platform. In China, consumers can literally use WeChat payment to make purchases for anything, from department stores and street vendors, without worrying about cash.