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    Css color problems?

      I am testing the ActiveWidget (javascript library) grid control with Neon.  When I tap on a row in the grid, instead of highlighting the row, the text in the row becomes invisible (same color as background?).  Has anyone else had css coloring related problems? The grid row highlighting works fine on Internet Explorer on the MC55. Sample page and the entire ActiveWidget library in a zip.

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          Robert Galvin

          or some reason the background color is not coming up as blue and the CSS style sheet is using white as the foreground color. So it appears that the text disappears. I am not sure how ActiveWidgets is displaying the blue. Inspecting the element using Chrome debug tools I only the text color being implemented. To get around this you can change the specific color of item selected in the aw.css file. look for:


          .aw-grid-control .aw-cells-selected, .aw-grid-control .aw-rows-selected {color:


          and change FFF to F00 and you will see the text appear as red on white background.

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