Can I access LaunchPad from my phone?

Is there an easy way to use LaunchPad from a mobile device? I am travelling often and would like to be able to use this site from my mobile device. I have an Android phone but sometimes carry an iPad.

Adithya Krishna...
Hi Sara,Yes. See Rob's tip

Hi Sara,

Yes. See Rob's tip below to participate directly from your email/phone


We all live in email, so once you are subscribe to the discussion forums (Click Follow for each  one) go into your preferences page and choose 'All Activity" instead of "Daily Summary". This way when someone posts a question you can just click reply inside your email client and send the email (either from your phone or desktop). The system will automatically get your response from the email and insert it into the discussion. Just like you were logged in via your browser.

Also - if you want to start a discussion from email (very helpful from your mobile phone). Browse to the forums and click on the Create By Email link in the Actions menu. This will allow you to download  vCard contact to add to your address book. Then when you are mobile, you can just send an email to the special address.

by Rob Galvin (October 11, 2011)

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