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    HelloScan Demo on ES400 issues




      I installed "Part1 - HelloScan" of Demo App: Conference Attendee Tracker on my ES400 device, when I press trigger, it called full screen camera, did not work for decode QR Code, but when I installed the Final Part of Demo App: Conference Attendee Tracker, it work correct, would anyone like to tell me what the difference between the two sample code?

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          Robert Galvin

          Please redownload the example code. I had to change the demo so that the scanner was enabled on a button press instead of on page load. Apparently in the build there is an issue on unlicensed devices only that are enabling the scanner on page load. The final index.html after Part1 - Hello scan should be:


          <!DOCTYPE html>



                              <TITLE> Event Attendee Tracker</TITLE>


          <BODY >

                    <div id="header">Title and exit button goes here</div>

                    <div id="selector">session selector goes here</div>

                    <div id="sessionInfo">session detail to be displayed here</div>

                    <div id="scanInfo">scanned in data goes here</div>

                    <button onClick="enableScanner()">Enable Scanner</button>



          function enableScanner()


                    scanner.decodeEvent = 'doScan(%json)';  //setup event handler

                    scanner.enable(); //enable the scanner - the first available scanner will be enabled




          function doScan(scanData)


                    document.getElementById("scanInfo").innerHTML = scanData.data; //show barcode data