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    User facing camera issue???

    Dino Gregorich

      Hi, I don't know if it is RhoElements or DataWedge on the ET1...


      I went to the Camera app on one of our Tablets with DataWedge and RhoElements.  I decided to see how the User facing camera would work (defaults to the out facing camera).  The device failed to connect to camera and shut down the app.  I cannot open the camera app any longer because, I think, it is now set to the forward facing camera...which causes it to crash.  How do I change the camera back to its default setting (without launching the Camera app) so that the Camera app and the RhoElements camera demonstration works?


      Once again, not sure if it is RhoElements or DataWedge, but the RhoElements Barcode functionality continues to work properly.

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          Robert Galvin





          The front camera is currently not working on the DV units. That should not prevent you from using the rearfacing camera even after a crash. To change it back from within RhoE:




          //back camera


          imager.enabled = ‘cam0’;






          //front camera


          imager.enabled = ‘cam1’;






          Also look at the imager.enumerate() method and imagerEnumEvent event where you can go through and see what cameras are available.




          One other thing is to be careful on the loction and size your are setting for the viewfinder.

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              Dino Gregorich

              Now that you mention it... I remember now that the user facing camera is not ready on the dv units.  Ill try you suggestion and let you know.


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                Dino Gregorich

                Inside RhoElements, the camera was black.  So the RhoElements code you suggested works fine within RhoElements.  The code was actually in the Features Demo.  I had to "hide camera" first because I think it was still 'enabled' (and showing black).  Once hidden (thus executing the code "imager.disable()" ), I clicked the "show camera" to get the "imager.enabled = 'cam0':" code to fire off.  It worked fine after that.  Fixed in RhoElements.


                But outside RhoElements, running the Camera app continued to fail.  I needed a way to reset the configuration for the Camera.  Then I realized there was a way... I went into the Applications manager, listed ALL, and found the Camera app.  I cleared all data and configurations.  Voila...it reset the Camera to the out side facing one.  The camera app works fine now.  DataWedge works fine, RhoElements works fine.  No doubt some of our beta testers will make the same mistake as I did.


                This might come in handy, when others using the DV unit inadvertently sets the user facing camera in the camera app.  Easy fix.  Lesson learned!

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