ASP.NET MVC Forms Authentication with RhoElements on MC65 (Windows Mobile)

Our site is developed with ASP.NET MVC 3. We used Forms Authentication to verify users. When I tried to run it with RhoElements on a MC65 unit (Windows Mobile 6.5), I found that I can login correctly, but it was redirected to login page if I click any link. It seems the authentication ticket was expired immediately. I found the cause after 2 days researching:

By default, IIS does not use cookies with forms authentication. When I changed it to use cookies on server, the MC65 worked. To change the IIS setting:

Select the mobi site on IIS manager, double click Authentication under IIS, select Forms Authentication then click "Edit..." on right panel, change Mode of Cookie settings from "Do not use cookies" to "Use cookies".

Hope this helps.

Lei Gong

Chris Misztur
Good to know.That opens

Good to know.

That opens another issue of how stateless an MVC application really should be...

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