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    General Questions about RHOElements and MK4000

      I have a series of questions that I'm compiling as I work to troubleshoot why my application isn't working properly. I would appreciate any information regarding the questions below.


      • How much memory does the MK4000 have available for running RHoElement Applications?
      • Why do all of the RHoElements documentation say to update \Program Files\RhoElements\Config\Config.xml when these changes are lost after a cold boot? Wouldn't most people want to put their changes in the application dir so the config changes aren't lost?
      • The last line of logging I can get from Rho via the file-base logging before my app stops working is: MEMORY:  
        • Stats: Load=48%  TotalPhy=82024KB  FreePhy=42904KB  TotalVM=32768KB  FreeVM=0KB 0 2011-10-14 15:07:27
        • What constitues a high load? What are TotalPhy, FreePhy, TotalVM, and FreeVM - which matter and which do not?
        • When I profile my application using Chromes web dev tools, I'm seeing 3.3MB of memory usage. Given that I'm sure RHO adds onto this for scanner and other plugin functionality, is this a lot?
      • In order to install RhoElements, I had to re-flash my machine in order to resolve a bunch of installation errors. Why was this? I can't be expected to reflash all of our devices every time we want to install new software.
      • I was recently given a file called scanload.exe by Kevin Robarge (Moto Sr. Architect) that preloads the scanner dll on boot. Apparently there is an issue with the scanner on MK's and RHOElements and this is the only way to get the scanner to work in my app. Why isn't/wasn't this documented anywhere and why did I have to waste several days banging my head against the wall, only to find out that its actually a bug? Do you guys not QA your software on all devices before releasing them? 
      • How can I disabled DataWedge from startup when it isn't present in my startup directory?
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          Are there any thoughts or answers to any of these questions?

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            The MK4000 we use at our customer is 64 MB of persistent storage and 64 MB of RAM.  From your memory readout it looks like you’re running the 64/128MB version.  You’re going to want to install rhoElements in the application directory.  This is persistent storage and won’t be erased at cold boot. As a base OS install from factory the \Application directory has about 22MB of free space, and the rhoElements install will take up about 14MB total of that 22MB. It doesn’t leave you a lot of space for other applications to work with once installed. I would recommend if using something like MSP to deploy: copy the cab down to \temp which is part of the RAM portion of memory and execute to install to \application.  You can find the cab file at: C:\Program Files\Motorola RhoElements v1.0\Windows\RhoElements Persistent Runtime.CAB.  This is the one that installs to the \application directory.  The other .cab will install to program files which will be deleted at cold boot.  (Not Ideal for the MK400). 

            The reason for you install issue may be because you have been dropping the cab file into the \application directory, running it, and then installing to application.  At this point you’d have two instances of the application being stored, and you’d be getting errors during the install.  Flashing the device may reduce the amount of used space allowing you to install.  If this is not the case you may want to post again with more detail to your install procedure, error messages, etc.

            Turning on debugging in a small demo app I have, I did report actual free virtual memory.  I’m concerned that you have 0KB of free Virtual Memory. (they are all important). It might be interesting to see if when launching the application do you have some VM free, and then see if it is gone after “X” amount of time of the app running. (Some sort of memory leak???).  I am probably not the best person to answer that one.


            To turn off datawedge: I recommend removing or renaming \application\datawedge3.cpy to datawedge3.old or something like that. Cold boot the device.


            Hope this helps.


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                Hi David - this is helpful. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


                As far as installation - I only ever installed the persistent version. My question was more about why the RHO documentation says to make the config file changes in the temporary location and not the permanent location. I was curious to know why people would only want to make temporary config changes or only temporarily install RHO.


                Re: turning off datawedge - is there also a registry setting that specifies start-up application? I suspect it would be here and this would be a cleaner way of disabling it at start up.

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                    James Morley-Smith

                    Hi Joshua.


                    You are absolutely right, the documentation should be more general when describing the locations of the config file, perhaps we should reference "install directory" or something along those lines.  Anyway, your point is noted and I have added it to the backlog to be looked at.  I appreciate the feedback


                    Regarding datawedge, you can create a profile for RhoElements that will disable DW when RhoElements.exe is running.  From memory, the UI is very intuitive but if you get stuck let me know and I will post some screen shots (don't have a device to hand or I would have done it now!).


                    Hope this helps,