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    Is CSS 3.0 Supported?

      It doesn't appear that certain features of css3 are supported. For example, I tried adding a css3 gradient to a background and it did not work. Can you confirm this?

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          James Morley-Smith

          Hi Joshua,


          There are one or two CSS3 features that are currently not supported.  Gradients didn't make the cut but we hope to have them added in a future release.  Drop-shadow was another that didn't make it I'm afraid.



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            Darryn Campbell

            For a rough guide you can refer to http://www.caniuse.com/ and use Safari 5.1 as a guide, at least for the current release (

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              Benedict Kennedy

              Gradients is one example of where the CSS3 standards haven't solidified yet. There have been two approaches to gradients in CSS3:


              • The complex "gradient" suggested in 2008
              • And the simpler "linear-gradient", "radial-gradient" and more, suggested in 2011


              as these standards become more accepted, they will be integrated into RhoElements.I have actually had some* success with drop shadows (a.k.a. "box-shadow"s) and other CSS3 features including:


              • border-radius
              • border-image
              • background-size
              • opacity
              • transition
              • transform


              *box-shadow is only partly supported at the moment. I am using them for internal shadows and they are working well. Much of the external shadowing isn't working at the moment.

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                Thanks everyone. I setup some basic css 3 tests and also found some partially supported features as well - things like text-shadow, which has a vertical offset that must be set opposite of what it should be (so -2px instead of 2px).