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    Android WebView vs RhoElements

    howard he

      According moto speak, the next version of rhoelements view support normal Android smartphone, so what's the diff will be between android webview and rhoelements?

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          James Morley-Smith

          Hi hjctop1


          Yes, RhoElements on the ET1 (Android) will be Moto Webkit not the stock webkit.  There are two main reasons for this:


          • Firstly, we have made several speed optimisations namely in font rendering and in graphics rendering which combined produce a much snappier user experience with much smoother animations.  During development we have noted a marked improvement of rendering text rich sites such as Google results and Google news, also we have measured an increased performance in animations, for example using tests that blend large images together over a period of time using JavaScript, the result on stock webkit of about 5 frames per second to Moto Webkit yielding a result of around 20 to 30 frames per second depending on image complexity.
          • Secondly, we want to ensure that when you write an application for a Motorola Windows Mobile device, it will run exactly the same on a Motorola Windows CE device and a Motorola Android device.  The only way we could guaranty this was to put exactly the same code on all device types.


          There are other reasons, for example we also ported our powerful SVG application engine that allows for sexy graphical UIs that are both processor and memory efficient, but the two points I mention above are key fr the RhoElements message for a truly consistent platform and our commitment to the developer community.