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    Exit Application Button

      It's useful to give end-users a way to exit a full-screen application. In the event something goes awry, they can close Rho (or right now, PocketBrowser) and re-launch it. Right now, I'm doing this by placing a "hot spot" in the upper-right corner of the application that closes the app.


      Is there a better way that other folks have implemented to accomplish this that isn't so easily accessed by the general public? I suppose I could prompt the user for a password upon pressing the hotspot, but that seems like overkill.

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          James Morley-Smith

          Hi Joshua


          In the past I've sen a solution which I really liked.  The customer had added a common javascript function to each page that check for key presses in a specific sequence than on completing the sequence popped up a message box confirming the action then quit on the affirmative action.  This could be as simple as pressing a single button 10 time in succession within a set period of time.  You can have some fun with this!


          Other options are to have a "Admin barcode" that when scanned will quit the app or add a specific combinations of gestures, perhaps you have to draw round the screen...this would be a similar concept to the key press solution, but instead of setting up a state machine for the sequence of keys it would be gestures.  I quite like the idea of the user having to swipe their finger along the top of the screen, then down the right, then along the bottom, then up the left of the screen...who know maybe even do a smiley gesture at the end just to confirm!!


          Have fun!!



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            Robert Galvin

            James - there are no 'hardware buttons' on the bottom of the MK4000 that is the MK3000.


            Joshua - check out my blog post on gestures (there is a diagnostic mode that you can play with to see performance). If you take four corner example I give, you could extend that so that the user would have to do a certain sequence of hold gestures - like hold left corner, followed by hold right corner

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                James Morley-Smith

                Doh!  Yep, I was picturing the 3000 in my head, still, gestures will work

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                    I have an MK3000, 4000, and 500 in front of me. 

                    • 3000- 4 hardware button
                    • 4000- zero hardware buttons
                    • 500- 3 hardware buttons.


                    Regardless, you always have to have a tab/button above the key to indicate what it is going to do for you.

                    Barcode exit is good enough for me.  Keeps the riff-raff users in their place.


                    Gestures?  I'd have them draw a scale accurate outline of Texas and then tap on the Alamo +/- 4 pixels  to exit.

                    Well, enough fun.  Back to work.

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                        Talking about El Alamo... think of El Zorro.

                        I once saw one MC75 application whose way to exit was tapping (not holding, so no need of gestures) on the left top corner, then (before 3 seconds) on the right top corner, then on the left bottom corner and finally on the right bottom corner. This was easy to remember, this being actually a letter Z.

                        Just draw 4 invisible images at each corner (with an onclick action) and you are done.