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    APD Programmers Manual - Annex D Missing



      I was looking through the information about the Adaptive Printer Driver, and the APD Programmers Manual document at several places makes a reference to Annex D with regard to information about connecting to printers via bluetooth. It appears as though Annex D is missing from the documentation that I have. Does anyone have a version that has this section?

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          it does look like the Annex D is missing from the current Programmer's Manual because it's a deprecated section about using some BT adapter.

          We will remove the references to it soon.


          Annex C explains what a Printer ID looks like, showing different cases including Bluetooth configuration.

          The Printer ID contains all the information APD needs to connect to your BT printer(s).

          APD will think about bonding and discovery of the printer automatically.

          The only exception is when a passkey is requested by the printer; in this case the first time APD tries to connect to the printer, the system will present a dialog where you can enter the passcode for the pairing (this is a one-off operation).


          The easiest thing to do is to create a barcode containing the Printer ID to carry out the the configuration of APD with your printer in the easiest possible way.


          I will post some APD examples soon.



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            Here is a little example about how to carry out some basic operation with APD.

            As APD understands the properties of any supported printer by means of a Printer ID, or PID, composed by a printer type and a printer address (MAC or IP), it is a good idea to stick two barcodes on the printers you would like to use with APD and using the barcode scanning capabilities of our devices.

            For instance, I have a Bluetooth Zebra MZ-220 with the following bar codes:


            which contains the printer type and which basically tells APD which language the printer speaks and via which media the communication may be established (bluetooth in this case), and


            which contains the MAC address of the BT card of the printer; in such way APD knows to which printer it can establish the connection.


            The RhoElements application to scan these bar codes and print Hello is quite simple and the code is attached to this post.

            The page looks like the picture attached below:


            Once the application starts, we need to focus the edit box meant to contain the printer type and scan the related bar code.

            Then focus the edit box meant to contain the mac address and scan the bar code containing it.

            At this point we need to press the button Set ID, which will store such settings permanently until a new printer will be configured in the same way.

            Now just press Print Hello and the string Hello will get printed

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                Thank you for this. I am attempting to print to an Oneil 4te printer from an MC 75. Before I attempt to troubleshoot, I wanted to ask you if that would be possible with your code as-is. I attempted to enter Bn41:1 and the mac address of the device into this, and tappped set ID. I then tapped Print Hello, and nothing happened. Do you have any idea why that would be? Please let me know. Thanks.