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    JSRS support

      Quick question... I have been evaluating the RhoElements framework and I have tried to use the browser to point to one of our existing web apps.

      It is not behaving as IE does, and I am wondering if the RhoElements browser supports JSRS, or has that been replaced by Web Sockets for HTML 5 ?

      It is also possible that we have some IE specific APIs in our java script that may not be supported, but I figured I would start with this question.   

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Jean,


          As a general rule, if a feature is supported on a WebKit browser then it will be supported on RhoElements, taking into account any considerations for security restrictions.  Could you provide a code sample that is not working or point us to an online resource?  A quick search of Google has not brought up anything comprehensive and I'm not familiar with the technology.


          We do not support any IE specific APIs so you will have to work around those, let us know if there is anything specific you can't work around and we'll see if we can come up with a solution.



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            Benedict Kennedy

            RhoElements supports many different Remote Scripting techniques via JavaScript. In my RhoElements applications, I have used AJAX with good results. It maybe that you are using MSRS libraries which will only work with IE

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              I looked into it a bit furthur... it seems "JSRS" is more of a concept than a technology, on the javascript scipt side anyway, the code we have basically makes an iFrame and does http posts or gets on it. This is code that has been around for several years now, and it detects the browser type before trying to do something, and Chrome is not in the list, and I'm not sure what the RhoElements browser type will show up as, but at least now I know why it does not work.


              I read that HTML5 has some kind of technique to partially refresh web pages, but I can't remember the precise technique.  Perhaps it was Web Sockets... anyway thanks for the feedback.

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                  Benedict Kennedy

                  I have always steered clear from using <iframe>s and headed towards AJAX calls. Its not that iframes are a bad way of doing things, they are indeed more supported than AJAX in older browsers; its just that for me AJAX creates simpler code/markup.

                  I haven't done much testing with <iframe>s in RhoElements but I would expect them to work.


                  You can fake the browser detection very easily in RhoElements as most detection is done by parsing the UserAgent String. You can change what RhoElements reports as its UserAgent in the Config.xml file, under

                          <UserAgent value="***SET USER AGENT STRING HERE***" />


                  Depending on what situation Remote Scripting is used, HTML5's Web Workers can also be used for Remote Scripting.