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    Is there some documentation on how to write plugins for RhoElements (WM) ?

      That's the question.


      Imagine we want to control from inside a JS/HTML5 RhoElements application a device which is not currently properly supported by standard plugins.

      For instance, GPS now can only be addressed via a Com Port, which is a nightmare from the efficience standpoint. Best practice is creating a daemon which turns on and off GPS device (to save battery), and polls it, providing information as needed via notifications (to not killing CPU).


      With PIE, one just has to write a COM ActiveX, following MS's standards.

      With RhoElements, there is a whole lot of DLLs whose methods are exposed in Plugins.xml. So it seems as if one could write them...


      So, is there some documentation (or better, SDK) about how to create a DLL to be "importable" (and whose methods are to be specified in plugins.xml) in RhoElements?