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    O/S Details

    Rameshkumar Balasubramanian




      As the field starts interfacing with partners and developers there are questions on how the Android O/S operates/
      - What is the boot sequence; is there a "StartUp" folder for auto execution of applications like WM
      - how does Android compare to the Linux kernel the O/S is built upon?
      - are there scripting tools that will enable configuration and execution of settings and applications
      - how do you create an application shortcut and drop onto the desktop?

      Looking for resource material that can be used to provide a layman's understanding of this O/S, learn the details of how to configure and deploy devices. This is needed by our teams to either support our partners and customers or talk intelligently with those who are experienced with the Android O/S



      Posted on: 10/17/2011 5:42:30 PM by Richard Baker (Symbol) in Mobile Computing: Android