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    RhoElements Keyboard on ET1

      I am getting crashes when trying to evaluate the RhoElements keyboard on the ET1 device. I am using the RhoElements Beta install from 10/3 on an ET1 running BSP 10282011. Has anyone testing this out on the latest BSP? Is there an upgrade to the ET1 RhoElements Beta app coming now that RhoElements has recently been updated publicly?

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          Robert Galvin

          Hi Darren – Does your application happen to be registering for key handling events? There are some changes right now going on in the keyboard code. I would recommend that you switch the input method back to Android Keyboard. What were you trying to gain by using the RE Keyboard?  Also I have noticed some odd behavior when the debug buttons are turned on and you try to go into an input field (sometimes it would put the text in the address field instead of the input field). If you see this try setting debugbuttonsenabled=0 in the config.xml file

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              I was simply trying to follow the instructions in the "RhoElements_for_Android_Installation_Instructions.pdf" section "Enabling the RhoElements Keyboard" and testing it out on an existing application such as the Browser (and Google Search widget application). We were not able to install Rho on the tablet until now (after upgrading to the 10282011 BSP). So, I don't know if it is a new issue introduced by the BSP or an existing problem with the keyboard itself.

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                  The Android port of RhoElements doesn't need a custom virtual keyboard any longer; you can just use the stock Android one with the post-beta releases.

                  For what concern the problem with the address bar mentioned by Rob, the reason being is that the address bar does not release the focus once you give it to it.