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    Scanner Logs

    Chris Misztur

      Are these messages normal?  First one happens when I enableScanner():

      11/10/2011 1:35:35 PM | INFO: | Unable to retrieve supported RSM attributes, this scanner does not support RSM (2684354578) | CScanner::RSMGetSupportedAttributes | Scanner


      Second , when I disableScanner().

      11/10/2011 1:36:10 PM | INFO: | Data not successfully read from the Scanner | CScanner::SubmitReadThread | Scanner


      Scanner does read fine.




      BTW: I couldn't insert an image into this post:

      An error occurred trying to retrieve data from server. Please try again in a few minutes. Error Code: Unable to get value of the property 'selection': object is null or undefined

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          Darryn Campbell



          They're both for info, any INFO log should be considered a non-issue.


          The first log is saying your device doesn't support RSM, which isn't a problem, it's just letting you know it will not work (see the help file for RSM).

          The second log is saying there is a pending scanner read which was cancelled (because the scanner got disabled) so nothing got read in that pending read.


          I'm also having trouble with errors on this forum... every time I post I have to refresh the page to see it :/

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            Robert Galvin
            Darren  We made some changes on te backed. Please let me know if you continue to see problems with posting images.