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    Difficulties installing O/S updates

    Afshin Mansoorieh

      i recently had to update a DV unit at a customer site, the instructions said to copy the "FullPackageUpdate.zip" and the "StartUpdLdr.apk" files to root of the SD card, install and run the apk file. 

      the startupldr came up but there was no indication of any activity or progress; after waiting about 5 minutes I took the unit home and updated it via MSP; worked perfectly.


      has anyone else run into similar issues, did I simply not wait long enough?


      p.s. I did not attempt the "recovery" procedure.

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          You mean the apk got installed and just stayed on that screen when launched?


          Yes, it is noted in Update instructions that out of the box DV units (0831) images – APK will not work.


          APK will only work from 1028 BSP (any device having 1028 BSP or higher)

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              Afshin Mansoorieh

              yes, it just stayed on the same screen.  the 1028 BSP was in fact, the update that II was trying to install. 


              A couple of my beta units have been sent to a remote location, if I send them the update files, is there an easy procedure for the user to perform the update via SD card?

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                  Manual Recovery and select the Update zip. Please consult the Update instructions document. (ET1N0_Image_Update_and_Reset_Doc_v2_0.doc)




                  Copy the FullUpdatePackage.zip to sd card




                  1)       Prepare the SD card:  Copy the required package.zip file into the root dir (/) of the SD card


                  2)        Insert SD card into the device


                  3)       Remove battery


                  4)       Ensure Device is not powered


                  5)       Keep holding down Right Trigger insert power


                  6)       When Android logo appears on the screen release Right Trigger


                  7)       Press Home key to launch the Recovery menu


                  8)       Use P1=Up and P2=Down  keys to navigate through menu


                  9)       Use P3=Enter to select menu items


                  10)    Select “apply update from /sdcard”


                  11)    Select the “required  package zip file name” on /sdcard


                  12)    When the update completed, select “reboot  system  now”