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      Could you log the following issues against Rho Elements


      1.    Shortcuts containing spaces are no longer working:


      In the first release , the LNK file below was valid for starting RE with a specific webpage:


      0#"\program files\RhoElements\RhoElements.exe" /S:file://\Storage Card\4stroke\index.html


      In the release , this shortcut will not work and the issue appears to be that a space character is no longer supported in the path to the start page e.g. the following modified link will work:


      0#"\program files\RhoElements\RhoElements.exe" /S:file://\application\4stroke\index.html


        This issue needs to be corrected in order to support files located on the SD card.


      2.    If a page is not found, there is no way to exit RE:


      In the case above where the shortcut is not working, the following screen appears:




        If the Back button is pressed , nothing happens and the only way to exit is therefore to reboot the unit. We should have a method of providing an exit button in the case that the first page which is accessed after RE starts up is not available.


      Thanks for your clerification