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    RhoElements and Full Screen

    Paul Meek

      Does RhoElements have to run full screen or is there a way that the application can allow the O/S menu bars to be shown?  The application that I am looking to develop will need to allow users to continue using the devices default phone, email, calendar etc.. as well as the RhoElements application.

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          Robert Galvin



          There is a setting in the CONFIG.XML file that will allow the application to run in a non full screen mode. It is Screen\\FullScreen - set it to zero to disable full screen. More on this is mentioned in the help file. Also there is a dynamic option available via the application object. You can call application.minimize(); programatically to hide the RhoElements application

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            Darryn Campbell



            Also note that on WM devices some keys (e.g. red / green phone keys) are mapped to function keys, see the configuration settings page in the help file for information on how to enable them.