How To Disable backward key with RohElement on the ET1 ?


I have a customer who needs to disable the backward key on the ET1 using RhoElements. Do you know if it is possible and how to do it ?

ET1 backward key.bmp



Robin West
The back key by default does

The back key by default does no action in RhoElements (is disabled by default).

If a programmer wants to activate it to do an action in their RhoElements application, they can use the KeyCapture plugin:

window.onload = function()


     keyCapture.keyValue = '0x04'; // This is the value of the backKey

     keyCapture.keyEvent = 'doBackKey()';


function doBackKey()


     document.getElementById('myDiv').innerHTML = 'back key pressed';


If the back key is causing the version of RhoElements that your customer is using to navigate backwards, it maybe an old issue with a beta build. The up-to-date build has the back button disabled by default.

I hope this helps,


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