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    [MC65] Soft keyboard switching causes screen flash

      I am developing a program with RhoElements running on MC65. I found that soft keyboard switching causes screen flash. If I click a input box, the box is highlighted and input caret appears, that’s good. But the soft keyboard is not showing automatically. I defined following meta data in HTML to allow me manually enable it:


      <META HTTP-Equiv="SIPButton" Content="Visibility:Visible">


      Then I can click the SIP button to show soft keyboard, the screen goes black then back with input focus lost. This process is slow, like the screen flashes. I have to click the input box again to get focus (screen flashes again). It’s a bad user experience, like the soft keyboard is a stantalone program, switching between keyboard and site page causes flash every time.


      Is there any way to solve this problem? Like a setting in Config.Xml?