ET1 APD: Difficulties with ONeil BT OC3 printer

I'm having difficulties with ET1 APD BlueTooth printing to an O'Neil OC3 printer.

1. I have paired the printer to the ET1, however the ET1 indicates "Paired but not connected". Is this a problem?

     I'm assuming the APD will perform the connection.

2. I'm not sure I'm assembling the Printer Type correctly, the "APD - Printer Type Code.pdf" file indicates O'Niel printers are type 'N' and using the prefix 'B' for BlueTooth. One of the examples in the document indicates using a ":1" for channel but I don't see a method for obtaining what channel to operate on.

3. RhoElements indicates the Pid is not supported, I feel this is related to (2)

4. The BT address supplied in strPID isn't the same as the one the APD is communicating, hence the device is not found.

I am using the apd example supplied in an earlier post "APD Programmers Manual - Annex D Missing" to exercise the printing capabilities.

I am entering Type: "BN" with Printer address "0017AC115534"

The documentation indicates the ':''s are not necessary though I've tried it both ways.

I've included the output captured from the ET1 log file, see below:

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Log file output:

2011/12/08 11:41:50, ERROR, apd.ApdEngine, setCurrentPrinter, Pid not supported, 744

2011/12/08 11:41:50, INFO, NeonActivity$NeonWebChromeClient, onJsAlert, Alert 'strPID = BN|0017AC115534', 1035

2011/12/08 11:41:54, INFO, apd.transport.ApdBluetooth, open, Discovery started..., 93

2011/12/08 11:42:05, ERROR, apd.transport.ApdBluetooth$DiscovererThread$1, onReceive, Printer 00:03:7A:33:53:93 not found, 309

2011/12/08 11:42:05, ERROR, apd.transport.ApdBluetooth, open, 00:03:7A:33:53:93 device not found., 110

2011/12/08 11:42:05, ERROR, apd.ApdEngine, prnSendData, Send operation failed, 1517

Anonymous (not verified)
I think you need to use 3

I think you need to use 3 characters to identify the printer, so you would need to enter something like BN21:1.  Also, some of the log looks like it's trying to connect to the BT address in the sample barcode, not your address.

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Todd Crook
Thanks Dan, once I set the

Thanks Dan, once I set the 'strPID = BN21:1|0017AC115534' the device connected and printed as expected.

Thanks for you assistance.

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