CS3070 BT Scanner causes ET1 RhoElements to restart when connecting

I have an ET1 that has been paired with a Motorola CS3070 Bluetooth scanner.

I have a running application on the ET1 and connected to the scanner,

I am able to scan with the BT scanner just fine.

However after a period of time the scanner goes to sleep and is no longer connected to the ET1.

When I press the '+' key on the scanner to wake it up and begin scanning again. RhoElements restarts and I'm presented with my login screen.

It would appear that connection process between CS3070 and ET1 is causing RhoElements to restart.

I have noticed this with all of my application, is there something that I'm doing to cause this?



Geoffrey Day
Hi Todd,This is because

Hi Todd,

This is because Android by default re-starts an Activity when it detects a change to the system configuration, like a new input device. There is no workaround in the version you have, but it will be fixed in the full release.


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