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    Looking for examples, BT CardReader

      I have an O'Neil OC3 BT printer with integrated MSR, however I am not able to access the MSR via the CardReader object in RhoElements.

      I've used the CardReader example in the CHM help file, and it works well for the integrated MC55, but not for an ET1 connected to BT OC3.


      Do you have any examples of interfacing with any BT MSR?



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          Robert Galvin



          The card reader object utilizes our API's in our eMDK that provides hooks into specific MSRs that are supported. Does this Oneil device provide methods to communicate via Serial Port? One other method would be to write a NPAPI plug in for RhoElements that would communicate to the Oneil MSR natively and expose methods to the RhoElements application.

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              Hi Rob,

              Thanks for the reply, I'm not familiar enough with this printer, however I thought I would try it out.

              Can you provide a list of supported BT MSR and a code example to interface with one of them?


              is it as simple as the following snippets?

              <META HTTP-Equiv="CardReader" Content="ReadEvent:url('javascript:fnCardRead('%s', '%s');')">

              function fnCardRead(data, mode) { 

                   // do stuff



              I can get this to work on MC55 with integrated MSR, but how do I tell the CardReader that it should look for a BT