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    ET1 & the Home Key

      On the ET1 while running a RhoElements application, if the home key is pressed the application suspends and the user is presented with the device desktop. The documentation in "Key Capture Overview" indicates the Home key is Un-Trappable on ET1 devices,


      How can I prevent the user from suspending the RhoElements application and returning to the desktop?

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          Robert Galvin



          We are looking into a few options for application lockout on ET1. There are some possible alternatives by developing an native Android application that intercepts the Home button handling, but I don't think this is what you are looking for.

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            We are working on a user lock out option as part of the Motorola Enterprise Android effort. This would not disable the Home key as such, but will provide a replacement Home screen restricting the user to authorised apps only. This isn't part of RhoElements though so I don't have any more details but you should be able to follow up with the ET1 product team.