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We'll be receiving an ET1 shortly and I'd like to put a test app together using rho elements and the built-in scanning functionality. How difficult will it be to change the code to use the forthcoming barcode/magstripe attachment for the ET1?



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Hi Kyle,Changing from using

Hi Kyle,

Changing from using the ET1's built-in imager scanner to the attachment scanner will probably require no code change at all.

I only say "probably" for two reasons:

  1. the attachment hasn't been finalised yet and I am not completely certain that it will become the default scanner when attached.
  2. it depends which call you are using to enable the scanner.

To explain point 2, there are two methods to enable the scanner on the ET1:

     scanner.enable(); //enables the default scanner; and,

     scanner.enabled = 'SCN1'; //enables the scanner called SCN1

if you are using the 2nd line, it will always enable the imager scanner (built-in). In all likelihoods, the call to enable the scanner attachment specifically will be:

scanner.enabled = 'SCN2';

You can also query the scanners available in the device, and what type of scanners they are by registering for an enumScannerEvent and calling scanner.enumerate() (see the helpfile for more information).

I hope this will help, when we get closer to the release date for the attachment I will be able to give more definite information.

If you are wanting to enable the magstripe reader it will require more code, but I wont know much about this until closer to release.


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