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    Keys Remapping

    Arsen Bandurian

      Hello. From the Help file I learned how to remap a key using the keyCapture.remap property.


      If, say, I want to remap a key temporarily (i.e. on just one screen on my app) and then return it to the original value, how do I do it? The help file says you can't remap the key to itself as RhoE will hang.



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          Benedict Kennedy

          If you only need to have the key remapped on one page, RhoElements will reset the key back to its default when you navigate to a new page.


          If you need to clear the remap on the same page, you can call keyEvent with an empty string:

           * This remaps the 2 key to the 3 key
          function callKeyRemap()
               keyCapture.keyValue = "0x32"; // "2" key
               keyCapture.remap = "0x33"; // "3" key
           * This clears the remap that was on the "2" key
          function clearKeyRemap()
               keyCapture.keyValue = "0x32";
               keyCapture.keyEvent = "";


          This works because remap and keyEvent are mutually exclusive.


          I hope this helps,



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              Arsen Bandurian

              Here's what I do (snippets):







              <META HTTP-Equiv="KeyCapture" Content="KeyValue:0x6A; Dispatch:False; Remap:0x09">




              <input type=button value="Key Remap Disable" onClick="fnKeysDisable();">

              <input type=button value="Key Remap Re-Enable" onClick="fnKeysEnable();">





              function fnKeysDisable() {

              alert ('!');

              keyCapture.keyValue = 0x6A;  keyCapture.keyEvent = url('');



              function fnKeysEnable() { //Remap Down Key to TAB key

              keyCapture.keyValue = 0x6A;  keyCapture.Remap = 0x09;




              Not working. What am I doing wrong?