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    feedback on jquery mobile

    Erick Rondin


      I am interested for feedback on jquery mobile library. One of our customer is testing it on an MC75 with RohElements and is reporting very slowness. If you already used this tool, would you please share your experience and what should explain slowness ?



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          Robert Galvin



          The problem right now with jquery mobile is that by default it uses css 

          shadowing. Css shadows is an issue on our list of things to fix. As a work 

          around you can use a different css file.  I posted this in another topic (https://motorola-dev.hosted.jivesoftware.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/1643-2549/jquery.mobile-1.0rc3.css).


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              I am having the same issue with JQueryMobile running extremely slow on MC75A. 

              I am just populating a listview with around 70 rows and tapping on a row would advance to another listview with around 300 rows. After few back and forth navigations it becomes even more sluggish. Almost like there is a memory leak somewhere.


              I see that you recommend using the CSS file jquery.mobile-1.0rc3.css.

              I am already using that and still see the slowness.


              Do you have a fix planned in the Motorola Roadmap for RhoElements to make it work faster with JQueryMobile? 

              Overall the JQueryMobile framework looks very good and i would think customers would want to use it specially since it works very well on iOS devices from within Safari.




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              Robert Galvin



              Can you share your test page with CSS file you are using and I will take a look at it? If you don't want to share publically here, you can send me a private message



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                I see the same slow behavior on Motorola ES400 in "DamageReport" RhoElements Demo where I added 





                to get some nice buttons - but the performance is very very slow.


                I tried the mentioned css file, but it still performed slow. The reason for this is probably that the jquery.mobile.simpledialog css file which might use css shadows




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                  Bernard Castelein

                  JqueryMobile looks great but is very cpu demanding. On a htc wildfire s (600 Mhz processor, about the same as a MC75), displaying listviews with more then 50 items is slow, so I think this is not really a RhoElements issue.

                  Maybe it is not good practice at all to show a list with more then 50 items: you can split up a list using the nested list.


                  Tip: switch of the page transitions on slower devices:

                  $(document).bind("mobileinit", function(){

                        $.mobile.defaultTransition = 'none';


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                    There's a good test page on the jquerymobile site itself if you want to check performance without creating your own large list. It has 500 items. You can link to it at:




                    From a design perspective, we're changing how we think about lists/grids.  For example, we have an order entry page that used to build a list of line items as they are ordered.  It was OK in WinCE/stylus world but to go touch friendly, the lines need much more vertical space if you want to be able to select them and so you get into endless scrolling with a long list.   We changed our design to show only the latest 10 items in  list.  95% of the time, these are the ones the user wanted to see at the moment anyway.  Then we added a search function for cases where its not in the last 10.  This has the bonus of avoiding performance penalties. 


                    Anyways, our learning is we shouldn't just port our previous design to the touch world.