List of HTML5 and JS features supported in RhoElements?

When trying to create an offline HTML5 application within RhoElements, we are facing some difficulties and we are not able to get it to work correctly, a business partner replied to me after testing RhoElements. To better understand the features supported, the partner asked for a list of supported features (such as to find out what is supported within RhoElements. Do we have such a list? thx.

Robert Galvin
RaymondThe release notes is a


The release notes is a good starting point for what is supported. It contains a list and links to the associated W3C reference. As far as your problem with offline HTML5 applications, can you share an example html page with the associated manifest and config.xml documents? There was a bug in the original release that had problems with restarting RhoElements. Please make sure they are testing with the latest available release

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