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Hi all,

I am about to start on a project that will be done in RHOelements, but I am having a hard time to get some information. (This is the first time I am working on the Motorola platform, the previous versions of this product have all been made for the iOS platform)

The finished product is supposed to run on the ET-1 and the MC3100 series.  Are there simulators available for developing applications? Do developers normally buy one of each of the target devices? Where can we get these? We've had a few calls back and forth after filling out the contact forms but still have no answers.

We are also having trouble to find out what the run time license costs for the elements package is - again we've been told to contact our sales rep, but are having difficulty to find out who that is.



Robert Galvin
Hi Ord,Our sales teams are

Hi Ord,

Our sales teams are regionally based. Can you send me your personal contact information in a private message and I will forward it onto a local account team.



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