help configuring Rho Menus on ET1

I am trying to change the look and feel of Rho on a ET1.  the help-file offers the sample lines below on how to add an address-bar but I am not sure where they go.  I copied them to the config.xml file but I get syntax errors.  does anyone have a sample config file that they have added the address bar?






The following example shows the address bar, sets the left and top coordinates to 50, and the width to 100.


  <META HTTP-Equiv="AddressBar" Content="visibility:visible">

<META HTTP-Equiv="AddressBar" Content="left:50">

<META HTTP-Equiv="AddressBar" Content="top:50">

<META HTTP-Equiv="AddressBar" Content="width:100">

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi,Those are meta tags, all


Those are meta tags, all meta tags go in your HTML content.  I'd suggest you read the quick start guide in the help file first.



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Glenn Sayer
Afshin,This code needs to be


This code needs to be put in the first displayed page.  Another option is to use the DebugButtons in the config.xml file.

DEBUGBUTTONSENABLED When enabled automatically shows a set of controls useful for development and debugging purposes. Among others the back button, quit button and address bar are shown. 0 - Disabled
1 - Enabled

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