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    RhoElements vs. SPB comparison

    Hector Meza

      I have a customer that is using the Symbol Pocket Browser and is asking if we have a comparison document between RhoElements and SPB, other than WebKit, Cross Platform and HTML5, they want to know what Version 1 has from Meta support or does not have, any new features added over SPB etc,  Hoping someone has built something like this.



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          Darryn Campbell



          Surely you mean Motorola PocketBrowser


          There's nothing official, here's a list off the top of my head for version 1.0, bear in mind version 2.0 will bring many additional improvements over and above these:


          * WebKit rendering engine with HTML5 support (I'm mentioning it again because it's a huge value add)

          * Fully Backwardly compatible with PocketBrowser

          * Native Javascript interface to hardware

          * Enhanced developer experience

          * Greatly enhanced scanner support

          * Support for WAN connectivity (coming in 1.0.3)

          * Page level zoom

          * Colour camera imager support

          * Support for new devices which are not supported by PocketBrowser, including new hardware as it is released.

          * Many bugs present in PB have been resolved in RhoElements, particularly those relating to the Microsoft Browser component.


          Any more please add below.