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    Interacting with Data Wedge on the ET1

      Hi All,

      How can I activate datawedge from inside a custom android app on the ET1? I'd like to collect a barcode in one of my applications and use datawedge to do it.





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          Currently there is no method of "activating" DW from a custom app as DW is always running.  However you can probably achieve the same affect by using DW profiles.

          For example, if you want scanning disabled except for a specific activity within your application, the way to achieve this using profiles is to first disable scanning in Profile0, then to create a new profile, associate it with your app activity and configure your barcode parameters and the output method to suit.  Then scanning will only be possible when you activity is in foreground.  You can associate multiple activities to that profile if the input/output requirements are the same or create additional profiles for other activities.

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              Thanks Roman. I like the Data Wedge integration, but I would like more control app side for scanning. There are two current needs for this:


              1) Lock fields to only accept scanner data (To eliminate users from free typing barcode contents)


              2)Accepting multiple barcodes at once (IE. Updating the status of multiple packages). Our current web/desktop application picks up on a tab character inserted by the scanner to differentiate between scans. Is there a better way to do this in this case?