Bluetooth scanner (CS3070) not working with ET1 in RhoElements

I got the Bluetooth scanner CS3070 paired with ET1 successfully.  The status under the device in Bluetooth setting says “Connected to HID based input”.  But, I am not able to get it to work in RhoElements.  I am trying the following sample that I got from the RhoElements help document.  The alert pops up with the scanned barcode if I scan using the camera in ET1.  Am I missing something?  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks.




<!-- Status Updates are received via bluetoothStatusEvent -->

<META HTTP-Equiv="Scanner" Content="BluetoothStatusEvent:url('Javascript:BTStatusFunc(%json);')">

<META HTTP-Equiv="Scanner" Content="DecodeEvent:url('Javascript:ScanFunc(%json);')">

<!-- Enable the Bluetooth Scanner, this will commence the BT pairing -->

<META HTTP-Equiv="Scanner" Content="Enabled:SCN2">




Barcode Data: <DIV ID="bcode"> </DIV>

User Message: <DIV ID="message"> </DIV>

<P><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Change Associated Scanner" ONCLICK="onChangeScanner();"></P>








//  Whether or not the next barcode data we receive will be the unpairing barcode

var expectingUnpairingBarcode = false;



function ScanFunc(jsonObject)


          //  Output the scanned barcode


          bcode.innerHTML =;




function BTStatusFunc(jsonObject)


          if (expectingUnpairingBarcode)


                    //  restart the scanner component so it is ready

                    //  to accept a different Bluetooth Scanner

                    expectingUnpairingBarcode = false;


                    scanner.enabled = 'SCN2';




          if (jsonObject.status == 'BTScanAssociationBarcode')


                    //  Instruct the User to scan the association barcode

                    alert('Scan Association Barcode');


          else if(jsonObject.status == 'BluetoothConnected')


                    message.innerHTML = "Bluetooth Scanner Connected";


          else if(jsonObject.status == 'BluetoothDisconnected')


                    message.innerHTML = "Bluetooth Disconnected, Please Reconnect";





function onChangeScanner()


          //  Change the BT Scanner associated with the device, the logic to do this is handled

          //  once the 'unpairing' barcode is scanned.

          message.innerHTML = "Please Scan Unpairing Barcode";

          expectingUnpairingBarcode = true;