WebSQL client-side database running server-side

We have a local database running on an MC9190 WM6.5.  Trying to redirect the local client page to a server-side HTM page, produces the following error log entry:

Engine ot match the number of ? placeholders...

SYNTAX_ERR: DOM SQL Exception 5: Invalid or unauthorized statement; or the number of arguments did not match the number of ? placeholders

The lines this is referring to is:

var sql = 'select orderId, deliveryDate, statusCode, department, createDateTime, setDateTime from OrderHeader where orderid=' + orderId;

results = readTransaction.executeSql(sql,[]);

Running the same page client-side works as expected.

Any thoughts?

Timothy Murphy
When running server-side, an

When running server-side, an additional database folder(http_10.1.10.64_0) under the root is created with empty databases...this is where the server-side script is looking and why the query is failing...

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