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    Web SQL deprecated?

    Darrell Ortiz

      Hello, I saw this statement and I wanted to make sure Web SQL is the best solution for RHO Elements.


      "Since November 18, 2010, the W3C announced that Web SQL database is a deprecated specification. This is a recommendation for web developers to no longer use the technology as effectively, the spec will receive no new updates and browser vendors aren't encouraged to support this technology. The new alternative is IndexedDB which is already available on Chrome 12+ and Firefox 5+, and, soon, in IE 10 as well. "

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          It looks like there is a migration to object store (a form of hashed storage) from SQL storage for HTML5/JS apps.  Hash storage is less vulnerable to table corruption from interrupted  write operations.  It can be lightening fast, especially if main memory  allows pointers and hashes to be cached in RAM. 


          A query language engine could be layered over the APIs so the result  would be either a very fast access to hashed objects, or usage of a  query language engine on top to make it play in SQL land.  Probably a hybrid solution (SQL and hashed) will become the norm.


          If you must:

          As RhoElements will have exits to native code, we could implement data storage of any kind, including SQLServerCE, IAnywhere, Codebase, Raima, or Bubba Gump's home-brew database. 


          IndexedDB looks to be very Javascript friendly.  http://www.w3.org/TR/IndexedDB/   Get out your old CompSci books because B-Tree Rides Again!  Only this time with object level constraints so business rules may be possible within IndexedDB.


          The whole game looks to be geared towards high bandwidth when connected, and so a high insertion speed is paramount so you can acquire all your data before the next connectivity interruption. 


          I'd hazard that physical storage might even be JSON, but now I'm guessing.  Who knows.  I'm as confused as the next guy.