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    MK4000 Scanner Volume

      I have set the Volume using EMML, Javascript, and the meta tag for volume.

      I even set Control Panel sound levels.  I still get the ear splitting MK4000 scan beep. 


      What is the best way to control scanner volume short of stuffing cotton and superglue in the speaker? 

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          James Morley-Smith

          Hi Carl


          Have you tried changing the scan frequencies and volume in the config file?

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            Hello Carl,


            The value of below XML tag of Config.xml can be changed to control the scan beep volume


            <DecodeVolume          VALUE="1"/>

            <DecodeFrequency     VALUE="0xBB8"/>





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              Tried the Config.xml.  Even rebooted.  No change in beep volume.


                      <DecodeVolume             value="1"/>

                      <DecodeFrequency        value="0xBB8"/>

                      <InvalidDecodeFrequency value="0x9C4"/>

                      <DecodeDuration           value="250"/>

                      <ScanDecodeWav          value=""/>

                      <ScanInvalidWav             value=""/>

                      <ImagerCaptureWav       value=""/>



              Also tried javascript - No change in beep volume.


                  function doSoftScan()



                      notification.setBeeperFrequency = 1500;




              Why is it the little things that make one consider being a greeter at WalMart?

              I have more time invested with beeps than I did courting my wife.  Sheesh.

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                Changing frequency works.

                Changing duration works.

                Changing volume does nothing.... wait .... ran it up to 3  ... GEEZ!  The PAIN!

                Apparently a volume of 1 is still darn loud.  0 is silent.

                Changing volume works in Config.XML.


                If someone needs to have a lesser volume on an MK4000, lowering the frequency and duration is the technique.


                Carl ~ apparently with sensitive hearing to the default frequency ...