Sip control

When load my test Rho page, the page covers the command bar at the bottom covering the sip control, etc.

I have two javascript functions:

       function enableDevice() {


            bottomCommandArea.visibility = 'visible';

            alert("manual set");


         function disableDevice() {


            alert("automatic set");


sip.manual and sip.automatic work fine but how can I get the BottomCommandarea to show with sip button?  bottomCommandArea.visibility = 'visible'; works but it is empty.  Is it possible to have my page stop and not cover the bottomCommandArea so the sip button can be activated at will?

Anonymous (not verified)
The ResizeOnSIP configuration

The ResizeOnSIP configuration option will resize your page above (or below) the SIP when the visibility of the SIP changes, does that solve the issue?


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