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    Initiate bluetooth connection from rhoelements?

      Is is possible to initiate a bluetooth connection from an elements program?  (Using a MC3100 scanner)


      I have been able to setup the scanner as a Bluetooth slave using the BT Scanner CTL Panel program that comes installed and then reading/writing to COM9 with the rhoelements program. However, I can't find any way to have the MC3100 act as master, and initiate a connection. Is there a way to do this?




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          Darryn Campbell



          So you're just talking about the Bluetooth scanner, you initiate the connection by calling scanner.enabled = 'SCN3' (or whatever number your Scanner is, it's 3 on my MC75a) and you then scan the device barcode with your scanner to complete the association.  You will then have to enter the BT association PIN as appropriate.


          Note BT Scanner CTL Panel is only applicable to the Ring Scanners (RS507 accessory), if you are talking about BT scanners in general, e.g. CS3070 then they will only work in Wedge mode and are not compatible with BT Scanner CTL.


          Does that help?



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              Hi Darryn,


              thanks for your reply. I want to do almost the opposite of what you are suggesting. I don't want to send scanned codes out over Bluetooth, instead I want the MC3100 to read data from an external device independently of scanning.


              So I am looking for a way to discover, make and break Bluetooth connections under control of an RhoElements program.






              I have taken a look at the hellpful  NPAPI doc that you wrote, it seems like this might be the way to go.  What compiler do I need to make plugins for Windows CE 6?