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    Online vs Offline issues in HTML5

    Ytzen Terpstra

      We are doing some prototyping for an offline web application using HTML5. For local data storage we are experimenting with the HTML5 WebSQL feature, but we are encountering some difficulties.


      We tried using separate tabs or frames that access the database, but this resulted in hang-ups and crashes. It is not an absolute requirement that this should work, but are you familiar with such behaviour and do you know a solution to prevent these crashes?


      Storing larger amounts of data is also an issue. For example: storing ‘only’ 1000 records in an empty table (with about 10 columns) took 60 seconds on a Motorola Xoom. Retrieving the records is much faster, so we were curious whether storing data can be made faster. Currently we are storing each record separately using a “INSERT OR REPLACE INTO” query.


      If someone has some advice on how to adress these issues, if possible, we would be very greatful.


      Thanx in advance,


      Ytzen Terpstra

      ViaData Automatisering BV

      The Netherlands