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    Jquery (1.7.1) and getJSON not working



      As far as I understand Jquery + GetJSON should be working. Anyway I have issues


      I made a minor change to the damagereport example from Motororla and try to populate a drop down - very simple


      Below is added just below the include of "damage.js" in the index.html


      <script type="text/javascript">

          $(document).ready(function () {

                  $.getJSON('http://jsonservice.erp2mobile.dk/jsonservice.svc/1', function (result) {

                      $.each(result, function (name, value) {

                          $.each(value, function (name, value) {

                              $("#reason").append("<option value=\"0\">" + value.name + "</option>");







      No lines after the getJSON method are executed in RhoElements - works fine in firefox, chrome, ipad, iphone, android...


      Whats wrong??