RhoElement on ET1 and tips

Hi community,

I'm writing down a demo apps for a customer and I need help for some specific requests on Android.

- How to intercept/remap or disable Home Button. Mandatory for all customers who are willing to use RhoElement. We need to stay on RhoElement even if the user press Home Button

- How to launch a Android app from RhoElement ? I managed to get the pkglist.txt file in order to find my apps, but how to call the app from RhoElement when I click on a link or an icon ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi Matthiu,Home key

Hi Matthiu,

Home key interception is not possible in RhoElements on the ET1 currently, though it is a feature we are looking at adding in the future.  In the mean time there are tools available to lock down your tablet, see the ET1 section on Support Central.

It is not yet possible to launch another Android app from within RhoElements, again we are looking at implementing that in the future... the current solution is to use the home key in conjunction with the ET1 "lock down" and expose your app that way

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