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    FTP Problem

    Tim Leland

      Im having issues trying to send a file stored on the gun to an ftp server. Here is my code:


        fileTransfer.source = "url('file://\\RhoApps\\OrderGun\\Files\\orders\\groc1.csv')";

        fileTransfer.destination = "url('ftp://wlftest:wlftest@')";



      I also have this in the head of the html file:

      <META HTTP-Equiv="FileTransfer" Content="TransferEvent:url('Javascript:alert('%s')'); Transfer">

      Is this meta tag necessary?


      The error Im logging is this:

      WARNING: Core CModRec::SetProperty FileTransfer Plug-in failed to set the property: transfer with value:  666 2012-02-20 12:49:36

      ERROR: FileTransfer CFtp::PutFile Couldn't Connect to the FTP Server 91 2012-02-20 12:49:24


      Ive copied and pasted this exact code:


      into chrome browser and it connects and i can see the files.

      User: wlftest

      Pass: wlftest

      Folder: wlftest

      What could be causing this problem?? The file groc1.csv is in the right location too.